Thursday, February 6, 2014

sister sister

Authors note:
1. I would like the reader of this story to get a sense of hope and patience.The point i'm trying to get across is that no relationship is perfect, some are even far from perfect but things change and there are brighter days ahead.
2.I think my connection with the main character made the story easier to write, most of the ideas just flowed out of me .
3. thinking of powerful lines and sentences that weren't dull was hard.
4.Maybe to add a little more detail.

Two swings and two girls. Both happy and giggling away as they got higher and higher. It was a great day to be a child. The older girl showed the younger girl how to pump her legs how to stop the swing and how to get away with standing on the swings before their mother looked their way again. The younger one did whatever her older sister told her to do, and copied her every move (no matter how much her sister whined at her to quit it) , because in her eyes her big sister was the coolest person in the universe,and she couldn't imagine anyone better.

Emily smirked to herself as she reminisced on those simpler times. It seemed pointless to continue telling herself to get out of bed, as always she wasn't listening to the back of her head. She was beginning to think about what was going through her parents head when they waited four years to have another kid. Maybe if her and her big sister were closer in age they would get along a little smoother. However, no matter how much she wished for it , she would never know what it is like to share a school with her sister, to experience dances with her, and to personally know some of the people in her grade. Once again Emily tossed and turned in her bed and her head. Did she really want that? Having her sister go to high school with her and be closer in age would have its perks and make life much sweeter but….. what was she thinking?! That would be so ideal,she would love that, absolutely! But unfortunately nothing would change their offbeat personalities, and their understanding for each other. When it came down to her sister Em couldn't deny she loved her, at least not herself. But sometimes she didn't even feel like she knew her. It wasn't her fault though. If her sister told her to drop what she was doing so they could hang out she would be thrilled. And pretty surprised since she would think her sister would chose a day to hang out with her more significant friends than her weird little sister.

Emily longed for her sister Lauren and her to be closer,but over the years she reluctantly realized they weren't just different, they were a far cry from the same people. She felt like they were on such different planets it amazed her there were able to construct an actual conversation together. Now, Lauren being the wild-child parties whenever she could.Em loved the fact that Lauren's a free spirit but really wished she would be a lot more responsible with her life and didn't make such stupid decisions when she was out with her friends. But of course Lauren rarely listened to ‘lil sis’, and that statement went vice versa. Something that irked Emily more than ever though was the things Lauren and many other ignorant rude people says. The sisters both have separate values and even though Lauren keeps most of hers unapparent Emily voiced hers now and again. Certain inappropriate slurs angered Em when they came out of the mouths of anyone, joking or not Emily was not amused. Lauren on the other hand didn't see things that way. Emily could have sat Lauren down and make her well aware of her issues with that but she already knew how that conversation would go down. Lauren would tell Emily something like ‘she is in no position to tell her what she can and can't say’, and yet again more anger and resentment would rise among the college goer and the young teen. In this relationship communication was definitely not a strength.

Lauren was normally sassy, Emily was normally quite shy, Lauren was very smart, Emily was a mediocre student. Lauren was outgoing and funny, Emily was irritating. Lauren was forever 21, Em was forever in sweatpants. Lauren was the epitome of the girl that everyone wanted to sit next too, plus had an abundance of friends and followers. Em took what she could get. Lying in her bed Em knew she was thinking to highly of her sister again. Sure her sister was a success at most and to most, but her amazing qualities did not extinguish her bad. Emily began to wonder was it her awareness of her sisters poor qualities that made her unhappy or was it peoples lack of awareness. This made her head spin. For the first time Em wasn't thinking of only bad things about her sister,(because she wasn't mad at her) and she wasn't thinking of only good things either (because there wasn't anything she was particularly happy about with her). She was just, thinking...letting it all in, afraid of how she was going to let it all out.
She knew there was probably a mental list of thing Lauren had about her imperfections too such as her immaturity, her mindset,and emotional turmoils. But she was also certain that Lauren wanted some of the things she had inside of her that wouldn't come easy. There was something else that was running through Emily's mind though. On the surface the two girls were separate beings, sure, Lauren could have told you that but the foundation of who they are were based upon the same traits; their stubbornness, individuality, and… the moment that was all Emily could think of. Nevertheless, Em was the annoying little sister, always have been and Lauren was the harsh big sis. All in all it was the unfortunate truth that they both have solid personalities and exercised it in their own ways. Em has always know this but lately she was concerned for both of their fiats. She was worried that if they kept up with all of the fighting and acrimony there would be nothing left but that. Her greatest fear was not having a good relationship with her sister, that one day the caring would stop. Emily tried to wipe these thoughts away, she wasn't going to lose hope just yet. She tried to convince herself that even though one of them was already an adult they both have a lot of growing up to do

In a perfect world Emily  and Lauren would fight but laugh about it shortly after, secrets will all be told;everything on the table, grudges wouldn't be held overnight,and when Emily texts Lauren because she misses her she wouldn't have to stop texting her,because shes waiting for her to miss her back.

Em hoped that things would get better, she didn't want her sister to become one of the people she was ashamed to say she ever supported. Her last thought before falling asleep.

Two girls and two swings. They told knock-knock jokes for an endless amount of time and competed to see who could go the highest. Although their smiles were similar you could tell they had different mothers by the way they dressed. Those two mothers happened to be behind them setting up the backyard picnic. The springtime breeze hit everyone gently from every direction. The older mom kept on hollering at the kids not to go to high while the younger (and much hotter)  mother assured her they weren't too high and told her to calm down. This immediately sparked an argument. A while later the younger mom told the older mom to bring out the ketchup and the older mom scowled at her telling her it's obvious she was busy setting up the table and then told her to get it herself. The two ladies flipped flopped from heated to annoyed to ‘whatever’ about six times before settling down. Meanwhile the two little girls tried to hide their giggles and taunts from their mothers. Although younger, they always suspected their mother fights before they did. John Meyer came up on the radio and shrieks of excitement could be heard from all corners of the yard. The older mom was insulted when the younger mom tried to turn up the radio while she was speaking and another argument spewed. It fizzled out when the two moms caught the sight of the two little girls dancing with each other though. Something about those adorable cousins made the warmest smile spread across the moms faces. “Lauren sit down,please.” the young mom snapped. the whole family fathers and grandparents included were seated. the older mom was to tired to give attitude to her sister but not tired enough to roll her eyes. A few family members said their amens before they all dug in. With mostly women carrying the conversation, funny stories and gossip about coworkers and friends began and made the lunch quite amusing. The sun lit up the backyard. There was a special iridescent feel of the whole picture. It made you see that the light at the end of the tunnel was dim but that much closer. It wasn't perfect, it was real.  

Emily opened both eyes at the same time. She gradually pulled her hair back in a ponytail and stared at the bright blue ceiling until she was fully awake. She sat up and took her phone out of her pocket and saw no new messages. She looked at it for three seconds .Then went downstairs to do her homework.

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